Liceo De Davao Tagum College

" Invest in Education, Study at Liceo de Davao, the School of Future Leaders "


Liceo de Davao has always been a constant pride of Tagum City and the nearby provinces of our locality since it is one of the pioneering schools of Tagum City existing and operating under the laws of the Republic. Being a private, non-profit and non-sectarian educational institution, it molds the young minds and personalities of Liceans, our students, into a perfect and mature one through extensive educational programs which are comprehensible and affordable to every Licean student and/or their parents or guardians.

Our Alma Mater from being a vocational school sometime on 1970 's by the founding couple, Mr. Antero S. Delos Reyes, Sr. (Died on August 10, 1992), a retired public school teacher and an administrator with his loving wife Mrs. Erlinda Cabeguin-delos Reyes (died on January 28, 2002), formerly a private school teacher. The founders are now survived by their three (3) married children namely: Engr. Antero C. delos Reyes, Jr.; Atty. Joel C. delos Reyes; Mrs. Janet delos Reyes-Riogelon. Said children are currently managing the affairs and operations of the school.

The school basically started its operation by offering technical courses like typewriting, bookkeeping, stenography, tailoring, auto-mechanic and other short-term vocational courses with the name of Mindanao Business School (MBS). But sometime on 1980, it devolved into an academic institution when it formally offered secondary courses but still carrying with the vocational courses. Year 1989, it again marked its change when the name MBS was changed to Liceo de Davao for the reason that the former name like a business in nature since technical courses were still the being offered. The word "Liceo" taken from latin dictionary which means "School" and "de" means "of. Thus, if we are to translate the whole name of Liceo de Davao", it means "School of Davao". Having it changed, the present name is now focusing more on the academic courses being offered up to present.

The prestige and honor of Liceo de Davao stands still, even up to the current times not withstanding on our situational crisis suffered by most of our fellow Filipinos nowadays. Academically, we are the first and only the school duly recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd) offering Sunday school classes in the entire Davao del Norte province and Tagum City with a population evenly increasing every school year. We also offered late afternoon classes or the so called evening classes aside from our regular secondary classes. These academic programs somehow ease and qualify the less fortunate ones especially the working students who wanted to avail and uphold legitimate diploma despite the hectic schedule of work and study. Even with our extra-curricular activities, we showed our commitment with the local activities of our city government in various participation in civic, literature, and other sports involvements.

Today, Liceo de Davao is offering complete Pre-School, Elementary, Secondary, Short-term Vocational courses and some college degree courses which are duly recognized by the Department of Education (DepEd); Commission on Higher Education (Ched) and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). The school is now fully equipped with sophisticated and some state of the art facilities which are duly acknowledged by the aforesaid concerned government agencies. It is now located in two (2) different campuses which are all situated in a much conductive venues for learning. One is at Briz District, Brgy. East as our main campus and another is at Agan District, Brgy. Magdum, our annex campus. Likewise, the school was able to branch out as far as Cagayan de Oro City and at Trinidad, Bohol.