Liceo De Davao Tagum College

" Invest in Education, Study at Liceo de Davao, the School of Future Leaders "

Liceo De Davao, Tagum City

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Licean Creed

I am a Lecean by heart, mind and soul.

I shall keep my faith, confidence and trust with the vision

and mission of my academic.

I believe that it is here where I will shine, mature and

enshrine my re-defined personality, gracious hope and lifetime


This is the venue where my wisdom, honor and values are

best sharpened for the service of my fellowmen.

the influential deeds and spirit of my mentors and

school authorities are constantly kept on my mind for me to be

sufficiently equipped whenever my knowledge, talents and skills

are required.

I shall maintain my integrity and dedication all for the

prestige of my beloved school.

With all of these pleadings, I commit myself that I shall

always uphold my personal convictions in life morally upright,

think sensibly, a law abiding citizen and act in accordance to

what is expected upon me following the righteous path with the

loving care of my Alma Mater.

And before the eyes of God and my countrymen, I stood

to be Licean by heart, mind and soul.

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